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Developing local solutions to empower organizations in a low-carbon economy

Who We Are

At Brookfield Renewable we combine global presence with unique local expertise underpinned by a best-in-class health and safety culture and a commitment to working positively in the communities in which we operate. 

We believe that transitioning our country toward a low-carbon economy starts at home. As such, we’re dedicated to offering our clients local renewable power solutions that help them effectively contribute to the renewable energy evolution. As owners, operators and developers, we design creative power solutions from our various renewable technologies, all in proximity to our clients’ operations.

By opting for local renewable power, our customers are:

  • encouraging the development of new renewables while maintaining existing renewable power facilities in their area. Explore North American markets;
  • bolstering their local economy and further reducing their environmental impact by choosing power generated from their regional grid;
  • contributing to the many community organizations with which we partner and recreational areas we open to the public;
  • providing for recreational access for all

Along with TerraForm Power, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management our U.S. presence includes:

  • 200+ Renewable Power Facilities (to include Distributed Generation Assets)
  • $48B in Assets Under Management
  • 800+ Employees
  • ~2M Homes Powered
  • 2M+ Vehicles in Avoided Emissions


Utility Scale Power Facilities


MW of Capacity

Creating Synergies through Diversified Technologies

The Power of Diversity

Our portfolio of complementary technologies enables us to offer innovative solutions that provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Thanks to our fleet of solar, wind, hydro and storage, our clients can:

  • Gain independence from brown power sources by bundling intermittent solar and wind generation with reliable hydropower to avoid the use of coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. 
  • Foster customer and employee satisfaction by providing on-site solar projects they can see and experience, complimented by remote utility-scale generation.

We believe in taking a practical, multi-technology approach to developing a resilient, low-carbon energy grid. By drawing on each technology’s respective benefits, we can create a durable infrastructure on which to build a sustainable future.  

Sustainability to Scale

From utility-scale projects to distributed generation (DG), our team helps our clients participate in the clean energy economy at a scale that fits their own organizational objectives. Likewise, our development expertise and existing renewables enable us to create both short- and long-term solutions that meet their energy requirements, regardless of scale. Through this approach, we can support every clients’ sustainability ambitions, great or small, because every MWh counts.

The Importance of Building Thriving Communities

Our engagement with the towns and cities where we live and work is fundamental to our business. We take great care in building strong relationships with our local communities, sharing in their values, priorities and successes. For this reason, we collaborate with 160 local partners across the U.S. to tackle the issues most important in their communities. 

Across our operations, we work with our local partners enhance the lives of the people, the wildlife and the habitats neighboring our facilities. For instance, we’re:

rock wall with tools


Working with educators to provide real-life learning opportunities by hosting geology and biology students from Clarkson University and the State University of New York (SUNY institutions) at our New York facilities.

two lakes overhead


Donating land to protect and connect the Cherokee National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, NC.

Bear swamp dam at sunset


Providing recreational opportunities, including hiking and scheduled whitewater releases for rafting and kayaking enthusiasts to enjoy along the Upper Androscoggin River, NH.


These are just some of the ways we’re committed to creating a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Enjoy the Outdoors with Us

overhead of hydro dam

The Fun We Facilitate

We believe that communities thrive when they spend time together. For this reason, we gladly provide community members access to the recreational areas adjacent to our facilities for them to enjoy with their families and friends. We offer and facilitate activities like hiking, camping, fishing, boating, whitewater rafting in some of the most stunning and challenging landscapes our country has to offer, such as the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire and in Maine where we ferry hikers across the Kennebec River.


As We All Know: Safety First

Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring our communities safely enjoy our facilities’ recreational activities and the beauty of the land that surrounds them. As such, we invite visitors to consult SafeWaters, a site dedicated to providing up-to-date information on water flows and releases at all our U.S. hydropower stations.

Take me to SafeWaters

Leadership Team

Mitch Davidson: CEO

Tom Deedy: COO

Stephen Gallagher: VP, Finance

Jacob Pollack: General Counsel

Mission & Values

Local partner who is dedicated to growing our U.S. portfolio exclusively through renewable power facilities. We are committed to generating and developing our facilities sustainably, taking into account the well-being of our communities, our employees and the environment in all our decisions.


Brookfield Renewable's Expertise

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