Why Renewables

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Discover why the time is right for your business to switch to clean, renewable power.

Procuring your energy from renewable sources demonstrates your commitment to tackling climate change, reduces the risks facing your business and cuts your carbon footprint.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Buying renewable power directly supports the global shift towards cleaner energy and benefits the environment.

It is a significant commitment, solidifying your company's reputation and brand value in the eyes of customers. 

By switching to renewable power, your company shows customers, investors, employees and the wider community it is committed to sustainability.

The 2017 Power Forward 3.0 report revealed that 63% of Fortune 100 businesses and 44% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one climate or energy target. The report, co-produced by the WWF, CDP, Ceres and Calvert, said that nearly two dozen Fortune 500 firms had now committed to power 100% of their operations with renewables.

Investors choose sustainable companies because of the growing evidence that it boosts returns in the longer term and because they want to invest in companies with wider environmental and social benefits.

Corporate Knights' Global 100 Report has shown that, since 2005, the financial performance of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations has consistently outperformed the MSCI All Country World Index benchmark.

00Gt CO2

CO2 emissions avoided through global renewable electricity generation in 2017 – equal to 385 million passenger vehicles driven for one year

(US Environmental Protection Agency and UN Environment)

00 MW

Amount of new renewable energy capacity that came online in 2017, an annual increase of 8.3%. 

(International Energy Agency)


Share of electricity generation predicted to come from renewable generation by 2040, nearly double the 21% share in 2017

(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

Reduce Your Financial Risks

A renewable energy contract can reduce your financial risks:

  • Lock in stable power prices
  • Remove the exposure to price volatility of fossil fuel power 
  • Help future-proof your business against regulatory changes as governments decarbonize their economies 
Companies that prioritize clean technology, like renewables...are not only being environmentally responsible, they are also future-proofing their growth by factoring in long-term risk and positioning themselves as winners of the low-carbon economy. - World Economic Forum 

The International Renewable Energy Agency says that renewable energy is now at least as cheap as other sources of electricity in many markets and all major renewable energy technologies will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020.

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for all businesses. A recent study by pwc revealed that large companies incurring hundreds of millions in direct energy costs each year. The falling price of renewable power presents an opportunity to deliver significant savings. 

The law firm Baker McKenzie reports that “the primary motivation behind renewable PPAs is economic, with green/sustainable advantages as a runner up. Some 60% of surveyed corporates exploring renewable PPAs cited economic factors as their primary reason for doing so.”

Clean energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer steady costs and long-term financial certainty.

Cut Carbon Emissions

The world is decarbonizing and businesses and governments are at the forefront of progress. By choosing renewable energy, your company can address its carbon emissions, meet sustainability targets and show commitment to initiatives such as the Sustainable Development GoalsScience-Based Targets Initiative and RE100 and CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The private sector accounts for around half of the world’s electricity consumption. Switching this demand to renewables will accelerate the transformation of the global energy market and aid the transition to a low-carbon economy. - RE100

Procuring renewable energy also enables you to demonstrate corporate responsibility by helping meet climate change targets under the Paris Agreement and agreements at regional, state and city level – from the EU’s renewable power targets to the We Are Still In campaign in the U.S.

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The Case For Renewables

The case for companies to switch to renewable electricity is stronger than ever. Find out why the time is right for your business to go green.